Integration with Plagius by Command Line (discontinued)

Due to a change in direction regarding the development of Plagius, the command-line analysis feature has been discontinued and is no longer operational.
The following text serves only as a reference for older versions.

Although the command line feature is available, it is important to note that we discourage the use of Plagius integrated with other tools for two main reasons:

  1. The analysis performed by Plagius is not final, it needs manual revision to discard false positives and perform a proper interpretation (more information);
  2. Plagius depends on Internet search engines to work, like Google and Bing. Excessive use of Plagius may cause blocking of these services on your internet connection, for example, Google may request Captcha or even block access to your IP.

:!: Therefore, Plagius is not the indicated tool if you need to automate the analysis of dozens of documents daily .

However, there are situations where the automation of part of the work is useful, the local search has no restrictions of use, for example. For this reason Plagius now has experimental command line support, starting with version 2.4.23.

We understand that a command-line interface is the minimum to perform some kind of integration, it makes possible to perform analyzes without user intervention and save the final report.

For this, a specific executable was created for command line calls: PlagiusDesktopCLI.exe

The settings applied are exactly the same as those set in normal program execution, so if the goal is to perform local searches only, you must open the Plagius and select this setting, PlagiusDesktopCLI will always use the last saved settings.

Examples of use:

PlagiusDesktopCLI.exe -f inputfile [-o outputfile(html)]
PlagiusDesktopCLI.exe -f "C:\my documents\mydocument.docx"
PlagiusDesktopCLI.exe -f "C:\my documents\mydocument.docx" -o "C:\outputfile.html"

The executable is in the same folder as Plagius, usually in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Plagius”.

:!: Remember that it is an experimental feature, excessive use can cause problems in accessing search sites through your internet connection.

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