Plagius has a feature that allows you to compare one document (or text) with a folder with documents. There are no limits on the number of files or sub-folders. The supported file formats are doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, pdf, rtf, and txt. This feature allows searching in Windows shared folders as well.

Only the Plagius Professional supports the local search, see below some tips on how to use it:

  • You must add the folder you want to search. Now a new tab “Local Repository” is shown in the Main Window:
  • This step will index all files in these folders, the index is updated automatically whenever any file is changed or any folder is added or removed.
  • :!: Plagius only performs the index operation again for new or removed files. It only updates the differences, should be fast. However, if you have many Word files and the index process is very slow, you can try to use another form to open Word files: “Configurations”, “Advanced”, choose “DocToTxt Legacy” in “Word file reader mode”.

  • And finally, to start searches, you must select that you want to search in local files through the option below:

That's it, now Plagius is able to analyze your local folders :)

FAQ - Local Search Limitations

  • The limits are defined by your hardware, but the index can get big over time.
  • There is no limit to the number of files or folder depth. However, we have never tried with more than a thousand files. I believe that the speed of the analysis will set your limit.
  • It works with Windows shared folders, but it doesn't work with WebDAV.
  • The speed of local analysis depends on the size of the document, approximately 3 minutes for a document with 40 pages.

8-) If you don't have a Plagius activation key yet, you can test the local search feature for free with documents of up to 500 words.

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