GH Software, responsible for Plagius - Plagiarism Detector software and website, is committed to safeguarding your information.

All personal information about customers or visitors of GH Software services are treated in accordance with the law in force in Brazil.

By using our website or Plagius - Plagiarism Detector software, presupposes the acceptance of this privacy policy.

Information collected by accessing the website

We collect information when you access our website, the information collected are: IP, browser, accessed page and other information sent by your browser through the User Agent. These data are used for visitation counts, not being provided to third-parties.

Information collected by acquiring a license

When you purchase a Plagius - Plagiarism Detector license, the reported data (name, email, phone, address) are stored for licensing control. We are committed to the security and confidentiality of such information. None of these data will be provided to third-parties.

Information collected when using the software Plagius - Plagiarism Detector

The Plagius program sends the activation key encrypted (hash) along with information identifying the user's computer. This data can be: Processor ID; disk volume number; Windows user name and/or domain. This information is used to generate a hash code. This code is stored in our servers.

In order to improve the software, it also is sent and stored on our servers some data for statistics: version of Plagius; space occupied by the local index; the file format of analyzed documents; duration of the analysis; amount of words in each analysis; and the amount of errors that occur in the analysis.

All information exchanged between the Plagius program and the website are encrypted for security of our users.

The Plagius uses Internet search engines to perform the analyzes, fragments (7-13 words, usually) of the analyzed texts are sent to these search engines. These fragments are randomly extracted from the text, and the search engine is also chosen randomly. Thus, the search engines only receive parts of the text in a disconnected way. We cannot guarantee that these search engines do not store the text of searches performed.

If there is sensitive data that remains relevant even in pieces of 7 to 13 words and that even search engines cannot receive it, the Plagius should not be used for internet searches.

About information sharing

No information of our users is shared by any means, including social networks.

Changes to Privacy Policy

GH Software reserves the right to change this agreement without notice. Therefore, we recommend that you consult our privacy policy regularly to keep up to date.

Financial Information

All financial transactions are carried out by third-parties, GH Software does not store such information and number of credit card.

Third-party Websites

Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, if you visit another website from our, you should read the their privacy policy.
We are not responsible for the privacy policy, stored information or content in third-party websites, including those used by GH Software.


Questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact via email:

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