The Plagius detects if part of the document was copied from some website, in this regard, the level of accuracy achieved by the program is high. But, due to the mode of operation of the program, and the dependence on search engine results, there is a margin of error.

The best way to find plagiarism is to manually review the analyzed document, and check for parts of the text with many phrases highlighted (blue to red). In these cases, it is very likely that this paragraph has been copied.

Another way to find plagiarism is to check the addresses with the highest number of occurrences, there is a great chance that these addresses are the source of part of the analyzed document.

Anyway, the program suggests possible occurrences of plagiarism, only a manual review of the results can indicate whether actually is plagiarism or not, for more information, see tips to identify plagiarism with Plagius.

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