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Looking for Plagiarism Checker?

Meet Plagius!

Pagiarism check main screen - miniature

Plagius is a plagiarism checker that accepts documents in several formats, including docx and pdf. The program scans the document, performing searches for fragments in various internet search engines. In addition to locating the addresses, Plagius also checks if the text actually exists in these locations.

With the new reverse analysis feature, Plagius goes even further: it opens every address found, and compares all text with the current analysis text, anything similar is added to the result.

It gets clearer on the results screen, where there are several information available: The text is colored according to the amount of references, when hovering over a section, a box with the URLs of that phrase is displayed.

Plagius result screen with tips

On the right side, there is a list with all URLs found in the analysis. The marked URLs are considered in the construction of the result on the left side, making a link between the highlights in the text and the checked URLs. The user can check and clear the URLs, the changes will be applied immediately in the text on the left, updating the highlights and the percentages. This becomes a very useful feature, giving more control to the user to identify plagiarism and discard false positives.

Plagius also calculates the percentage of the text with suspicions, and also verifies how much of these suspicions could be automatically confirmed.

The features of Plagius haven't finished yet, there are a lot of configurations available, levels of analysis, comparison with local files...

Better yet, download a demo version and test Plagius without compromise: