How to download and install Plagius?

The download is available at For more details, see a step by step here.

Antivirus accuses Plagius as suspect, what to do?

This is a false positive, occurs with some antivirus because Plagius is not in their list of trusted programs. If you receive a message of antivirus at the time of download, you must force the download, each antivirus has a different option for this. We recommend inserting the Plagius in the exception list (white-list) of your antivirus, or even disable it to use the Plagius. Some antivirus interfere with the functioning of Plagius.

Occurs "Connection Error" when launching the Plagius, what to do?

Plagius needs unrestricted access to the Internet to work. If your internet is working normally, verify if you are using firewall or antivirus and disable them before run the Plagius. These programs prevent communication of Plagius to the internet.

I have formatted or changed my computer, how do I transfer the Plagius?

The procedure is quite simple: if possible, uninstall the Plagius from the old computer, this will prevent a possible lock on your activation key. On the new computer, download the latest version of Plagius and reinstall it, as well as a new installation. Once installed you must insert the same activation key in Plagius. The key validation system will automatically detect the change. If you can not find your activation key, you can get it back on the site, by the resend activation key in support pane.

How to Uninstall Plagius?

To remove the Plagius from your computer, simply uninstall it as any other program on your computer.

The links below are the steps according to your Windows version. Search for “Plagius - Plagiarism Detector” in the list of installed programs.

To remove the Plagius in Windows 7/Vista

To remove the Plagius in Windows 8/8.1/10